Police catches suspect who robbed student’s school fee

Quick response by police units resulted in the capture of a suspect who allegedly robbed a female student off her school fees and other properties on Sunday at Rakatani Street, Hohola, in Port Moresby.

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika said Zone One Sector Patrol Unit police officers caught the suspect after a short pursuit.

Mr Sika said the victim left Hohola for Tokarara on Sunday at around 1 pm to visit her big sister. The female student, named, 20-years-old, from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, is currently attending the Asia Pacific Institute in NCD.

She was attacked and robbed of her money and properties which were contained in a waist bag by armed men when she was walking home. Mr Sika said police officers who were around that area were quick to respond to the message broadcasted on the police radio.

He said police officers picked up the victim who then directed the police officers to the National Housing Corporation Headquarters where they got off the police vehicle and went on foot after the suspects.

“The police officers’ response time was critical and resulted in the capture of the alleged robber. Two of the accomplices ran away but the main suspect who was armed was caught. He had in his possession the victim’s waist bag and her phone. The suspect allegedly admitted that K1,300 in cash which they took from the victim was with his two accomplices who ran away when they saw the police,” Mr Sika said.

Mr Sika said the suspect, 20-year-old Kevin Sebby from Gabadi in the Central Province, was taken to Hohola police station where he was detained in the cell and formally charged with armed robbery.

“I want to thank the Officer in Charge of Sector Patrol 100 Units, First Constable Kerry Kaman, and your team for a well coordinated response that led to the apprehension of the main suspect. I want to warn these petty criminals that they won`t escape doing that because police response teams are everywhere in the city. Do something productive and stop robbing innocent people of their hard-earned things,” Mr Sika said.

Members of Sector Patrol Unit returned the mobile phone and other properties of the female robbery victim.