Police presence around city resulted in fewer serious crimes reported says NCD Police Chief Sika

(Report by Police Media Officer Constable Sylvester Wemuru.)

Police presence around the main crime hotspot areas in the National Capital District during the long Easter season has resulted in fewer serious crimes reported, says Metropolitan Superintendent for the National Capital District, Chief Inspector Silva Sika.

Mr Sika confirmed that there were a few incidents reported during the Easter weekend. He said the positive result came about because of the efforts that the hard-working police officers had put into making their time available in all the hot spots around the city.

He said there were tents set up all throughout the city by the police station commanders and their members who did motorist and foot patrols during the five-day operation that started on Thursday and ended on Monday.

He said according to police records there were fewer reports of people fighting amongst themselves after consuming liquor. In those incidents police were able to respond to and stop them from getting out of hand. He said only one break in was reported in the city during the Easter period one night when it was raining.

“Police were quick to respond because they were all around the city in their respective areas. Incidents that happened in the settlements were also attended to and people were told to lay formal complaints and most of these are now being investigated.

“I want to thank the police officers and the public who behaved well during the long holiday which resulted in fewer crimes being reported. This must continue into the future,” Mr Sika said.

He further issued a warning to taxi drivers to be careful, especially during the night as there was a rising number of taxi drivers being robbed. Criminals pretending to be passengers stopped taxis and robbed them of cash and even stole their vehicles. He said that is one of the crimes apart from stealing of private vehicles which police are now addressing.

“I want to call on the taxi drivers to be careful when picking up passengers. Do not put yourselves in situations and areas where you may become a victim of crime,” Mr Sika said.